Touch Screen

ProductName: Touch Screen
ProductModel: TopTouch-3
Touch Screen is a computer display screen that is also an input device. The screens are sensitive to pressure; a user interacts with the computer by touching pictures or words on the screen.

Touch Screen  detail

Touch Screen                  Brand : TopTouch

 Touch Screen Monitor

Touch Screen The Touch screen monitor has contained both overlong life time and high wearing anti-bacteria layer, it will be able to protect the touch panel from water spot, oil spot, dirt and electrostatic erode. It’s suitable for factory, shopping mall, retailer and reception, etc
4 -wire resistive touch screen
Touch Screen Resistive touch panel is combined with 4 layers of visible complex film screen, the lowest layer is combined with glass or organic glass, the surface of top layer has past the induration process in order to make the plastic layer to be smooth and anti-scratch.
 5 -wire resistive touch screen

Touch Screen The basic layer of 5 wire Resistive touch panel has add the voltage scenes of two directions through exactitude resistive network on the electric working surface.
Surface acoustic wave
Touch Screen This product contains the characteristic of high transparence, high intensive and high permeation of lights.
The glass surface is anti-scratch, can work properly even it has scratch mark.
 Touch Lens

Touch Screen Touch Lens or Touch Window normally is named as flat touch panel.
Touch Lens is the perfect combination of lens and 4 wire resistive touch panel.
 Capacitive Touch Panel

Touch Screen Capacitive touch screen is a piece of 2 layer of compound glass with double side transparent conductive coating that conducts a continuous electrical current across the sensor.
Mobile Touch Panel
Touch Screen The main application range for mobile touch panel is 2.0”--3.5” of 4 wire resistance screen. Along with the development direction of thin & light and colorful of mobile design, the touch panel will lead you into the brand new intelligentize century.
Control Card
Touch Screen 4 dot calibration
25 dot calibration
Support the right key of mouse
Support line drawing test
 Capacitive panel

Touch Screen Glass layer on the surface with high transparence , used on oven, fridge and microwave oven.

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Touch Screen

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