Orbeos of Osram Opto

Orbeos of Osram Opto

Orbeos OLED panel

Back of panel

Orbeos, is OSRAM Opto Semiconductorshas introduced the first OLED lighting. It has a 80 mm diametercircular light surface, a thickness of 2.1 mm and weighs 24grams.
Orbeos has threeadvantages: First, you can open and close without delay, andconstantly adjustable light. Its brightness level is usually1,000cd/m2 with power input of less than a watt. In ideal operatingconditions it has a lifespan of around 5,000 hours. Second, Orbeoswith frosted glass surface, can be easily installed using springcontacts. Third, it has the wide range of applications. Applies toconstruction, hotels and restaurants, office buildings, privatehomes and shops.
The Orbeos OLEDpanel is the first product developed by Osram on themarket.

Source by LED Magazine , also see the LED Lighting
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