Apple possible launch iTablet?

Apple possible launch iTablet?

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The scoop bySilicon Alley Insider, has led many to suggest that work is beingcarried out to launch the Apple Tablet to the public by2010.


Talk of an 'iTablet' has intensified over thepast few months, and alongside the increased trips to the Far Eastgives a strong indication that the Apple device is being readiedfor an early 2010 release.


Apple VP Phil Schiller has already confirmedthat the product line-up for Christmas has been covered, meaningthe chances of seeing the Tablet before the end of the year isunlikely.


However, Apple who choose to showcase one oftheir new products at the beginning of the year, could serve as amore realistic opportunity to see the iTablet.


Of course Apple could be just working on anotherShuffle, but we'd like to think that the extra hours being put inand the fact that more flights to China are scheduled in for thefestive season, means that all our iTablet dreams are soon to cometrue.

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