Nokia exploring netbooks

Nokia exploring netbooks

August 20, 2009 — 10:36am ET | By PhilGoldstein


Nokia CEO Olli-Pekka Kallasvuosaid that the company is interested in the converged market of PCsand mobile phones--and specifically said the company is exploringthe netbook market. Rumors have swirled for months about Nokia'sintentions in the netbook market.

"The PC and the mobile will continue to come closer and merge,"Kallasvuo told reporters in New Delhi, according to India'sEconomic Times. "A lot of opportunity can be seen in thisconverged area. We at Nokia [are] actively looking at thisconverged market. ... We are looking at the netbook market to seewhat kind of opportunity is there."

Nokia recently has been rumored to be looking to partner withTaiwanese computer makers Compal Electronics and FoxconnElectronics on a netbook design. The company was also rumored to beworking on an ARM-based netbook running Google's Android platformfor release in 2010.

Another possible outlet for Nokia is its partnership with Intel,which it struck in June. The two companies said they would work ona new class of mobile computing devices, but did not specify whattypes of products they would work on.  


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