DECT New Products

DECT New Products

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This is one in a series of articles about how DuPont is puttingscience to work in 2009.

What stands out when you read the headline From Electronics toRefrigerants, Cookware to Authentication? It definitely says"diversity" - and, in particular, it's the diversity of newproducts delivered from the DuPont Electronic & CommunicationTechnologies (DECT) platform in the first quarter of this year.

"Each one of our new technologies is tied to a brand name thatpeople know, and that continues to be a common thread for theelectronics platform," said Steve Freilich, DECT technicaldirector.

The DECT platform is perhaps most known for the innovativematerials it delivers to a range of electronics markets, includingthe semiconductor, display, imaging and photovoltaic industries.New technologies delivered to the electronics industry this yearinclude a new black Kapton® flexible circuit coverlay film for anext generation laptop being developed by a leading U.S.electronics company.

In addition, the DuPont pipeline delivered an improved UVcurable optical adhesive used in Bonding glass or touch screens toliquid crystal displays (LCDs) which are built into cell phones,laptops and mobile devices. This is the first adhesive materialthat enables disassembly and repair of a bonded display, providingsignificant cost savings to device manufacturers and deliveringreal science to a market that relies on innovation for growth.

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