Touch-screen notebooks

Touch-screen notebooks

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Taiwan-based notebook manufactures are workingwithtouch-screenpanel manufactures to introduce lines oftouch-screennotebooks inthe 2H of 2009. This date coincides withthe launch ofWindows 7 andits touch-screen support.

Thetwomain models of touch-screen operations come throughcapacitiveandresistive designs which physically measure changes inthesurfaceof the screen at given locations with greataccuracy.Opticaltouch-solutions are also expected to be adopted.These shinelightin a grid array directly above the screen’ssurface. Touchesareregistered by reporting breaks in light pathsatvariouslocations.

Twocompanies, Winstron and Quanta Computers, arereportedlylaunchinginfrared-based touch-solutions, while Asus andAcer arereportedlyadopting capacitive and resistivetouchscreens.

Thenotebook manufacturers are looking to introducethistechnology intime for the Windows launch, which isexpected2H’2009, andpossibly as early as the end of July — thoughmorelikely August orafter.

May. 7,2009(11:13am) By:RickHodgin


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