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Consumer feedback built this laptop

Posted by: KarenJacobs
Tags: Shop Talk,Best Buy, Hewlett-Packard, notebookcomputer, Toshiba

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BestBuy is looking to lure moreconsumers witha “BlueLabel” series ofproducts that initiallyincludeslaptops and is expected to expand toother product lines.

toshiba1.jpgThe retailer has started selling two notebook computers made by Hewlett-Packard and Toshiba that include features consumers had asked for, such as a lighter-weight design, backlit keyboard and longer warranty.

Specifically, the two new notebooks are thinner than1.5inches,weigh less than five pounds and come with atwo-yearwarranty.

Best Buy worked directly with Hewlett and Toshiba(whosecomputeris pictured) in developing the products, whichareprimarilyintended for the second- or third-time laptop buyer.Bothnotebooksretail for $1,199 and are only available at Best Buy.

“This is definitely something that we want to haveabroaderfootprint across our store,” said Jason Bonfig, BestBuyvicepresident of notebook computing. He said it was too earlytosaywhat other electronics categories could get Blue Labelproducts.

(Photo: Best Buy)

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