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Death Knell

Death Knell for iPhone 3G Battery 

Death Knell for iPhone 3G Battery

Techtree News Staff, Oct 07, 20081537hrsIST

Legislation can kill the integrated iPhone batteries

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The EU isapparentlyreadying a new set ofdirectives for companies that selltheirproducts in Europe. One ofthe clauses in these newdirectiveshappens to be the "batteriesdirective" which mandatesthatbatteries inside electronic devicesmust be "readily removable"forreplacement and safe disposal.

This could sound the death knell for the iPhone 3Gbatterythathappens to be an integrated component of the phone andneedsaservice center trip to have it replaced. This howeverisnothingnew to Apple. Back in 2006, Apple had withdrawnsomeproducts fromEurope owing to RoHS (Restriction ofHazardousSubstances)directives. The withdrawn products included theiSight,the AirportBase Station and the iPod Shuffle externalbatterypack.

The new directives have a specific battery centricclausethat statesthat all portable batteries must be of theremovabletype. Themanufacturer is also required to providebattery removalinstructionswith the product, to the consumer.Last time round,owing to similardirectives, Apple chose to stopselling theaffected products in theEU markets.However,with a product like the iPhone being affected,it ishighlyunlikely that the company will stick to a similar stanceandwouldeventually have to give in to replaceable batteries.

Via: AppleInsider

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