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Motorola To Hire 300 Android Developers

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Posted by Soulskill on SaturdayOctober04,@10:18AM
ruphus13 writes "Google's Android isstartingtosee more industry support. Motorola recentlyannouncedplans,despite hardships within the company, to hire 300 Androiddevelopers.Quoting: 'A quick search of Motorola's jobopenings suggests that,indeed, Android is set to become a permanentfixture at Motorola,which has long built Linux-based phones buthitherto usedMontaVista's Mobilinux. The goal? Move from aninternal developmentpool of 50 Android-savvy developers to 350.Motorola, recognizingthat most developers won't have deepexperience with GoogleAndroid, is looking for a somewhat generalskillset ... Java andGoogle Android programming experience islisted as "highlydesirable," but not required.'" T-Mobile hasalready made plans to use Android aswell.Xconomy has a related interview with a member of the MIT teamthatwon a $275,000 prize in the AndroidDeveloperChallenge by creating an application toautomaticallymodify a phone's settings depending on its location,which they say"wouldn't even be possible on an iPhone." We'vepreviouslydiscussed the Challenge itself and some of the other winning apps.
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