The new buzzword is hybrid

The new buzzword is hybrid

Posted by Dana Blankenhorn

Hybrid is one of the big words of 2008. (Shown is a liger,ahybridof a lion and a tiger. From NationalGeographic.)

Most people think of it in terms of energy, hybridvehicles.Butit also refers to software, a mixture of closed andopensourcecode.

Black Duck is on board thenewbuzzwordtrain with the latest release, Version 1.4, of itsCodeCenterproduct, which was originally developed to manageopensourceprojects.

It’s all about the hybrid code.

In its press release Black Duck references a recent IDCstudyshowingthat 47 percent of organizations use some types ofoutsidework —contractors and outsourcers as well as open source.

As an IDC analyst who authored awhitepaper for Black Duk  putit,“Developers areroutinely downloading or even cutting andpastingcode – in somecases without understanding implications.”

Are you worried about where your code comes from?Closedsourceobscures its sources. Open source puts them in theopen.

Who should be more worried?

Posted by ZDNet

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