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Samsung Electro-mechanics awards a grand prize fromElectronicCircuit World Convention

 A thesis regarding imbedded PCB submitted bythedomesticmanufacturer
won an honorable grand prize fromElectronicCircuitWorldConventionthat
is acknowledged with a worldauthority.KoreaPrintedCircuitAssociation 
announced on 14th that the thesis of ‘ThinMLCCEmbeddedPCBforHigh
Capacitance and Low Inductance’ jointlysubmittedby7peopleincluding
Seokhyeon Cho fromthe ACI(AdvancedCircuitInterconnection)Teamof
Samsung Electro-mechanics Corporation won the greatesthonorable
grand prize from the ‘10th ElectronicCircuit World Convention’
that is recently held in Anaheim, U.S.A. Electronic
Circuit World Convention which is jointlyhostedbythememberassociations of
World Electronic Circuit Council(WECC)isthespecializedPCBconvention with
the highest world authority and total 6thesesweresubmittedrelatedto
‘build-up’ and ‘imbedded’ at this 10th convention in 2005.

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