Qilu chemical industry

Qilu chemical industry

Qilu chemical industry area'openning ceremonial staged in Zibo Shandong

The group of China Petrochemical Industry (0386)becomesashareholder and participates in the chemicalindustrialareaofShandong (hereafter referred to as the Shandongwork area )thatisdeveloped and constructed directly to lay afoundation inZiboofShandong on the 28th. Qi LuHua work area is oneof abatchoflarge-scale petrochemical industries projectsofsigningthecooperative agreement before this withShandongGovernment ofChinaPetrochemical Industry. This projectplans todevelop andconstructin two stages, estimate the secondstage wouldbe finishedin 2020.Take work area rely on ShandongShiHua ,withpetrochemicalindustry , coal industry , chemicalindustryformaking chlorineand alkali ' three take ' being organicto isitdevelop into thethread to combine, set up and visittheintegratedindustry chainof the products from head to foot.Takework area 28projectattract foreign investment Already haveoilrefining of 10milliontons , 500,000 tons of ethylene , 650,000tonsof syntheticresinand 150,000 tons of synthetic rubberproductioncapacity intheShandong work area at present. Qi LuHua hasalreadyplannedtoimplement the project of entering area ofgrossinvestmentofnearly 10 billion yuan in the work area.Meanwhile, theprojectsof28 gross investment of about 20 billionyuan areattractingforeigninvestment. About oil refining of 10million tonsprojectinQingdao, say in general manager ofChinaPetrochemicalIndustrygroup Li Yi, the oil refiningprojectpreliminarypreparation ofQingdao is going on, but relevantplansstill waitfor the StateCouncil to sanction, concrete tostartbuilding timeto still failto be fixed . Show in Li Yi ,Shandong isatraditional market ofChina Petrochemical Industry.Atpresent,figure has already beenexpanded to 2000 at theservicestation inShandong of ChinaPetrochemical Industry. Except QiLuHuawork areathat lays afoundation this time, ChinaPetrochemicalIndustry hassuch anumber of large-scale enterprises asShiHua , oilplant ofJinan ofShengli Oil Field , Shandong ,etc. inShandong.ChinaPetrochemicalIndustry is confident to continuekeeping theleadingstatus inShandong. (Hong Kong Wen Hui Daily)

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